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District Organizations


At the Soledad Community Health Care Foundation, our purpose extends beyond mere philanthropy. We are committed to ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all members of our community, spanning from prenatal care to the golden years of life.

Our mission encompasses supporting individuals at every stage of their healthcare journey, whether it be prenatal care for expectant mothers, pediatric services for children, preventative care for adults, or specialized care for seniors. We recognize that health needs evolve over time, and our Foundation stands ready to provide support and resources tailored to meet these diverse needs.

Through the generous contributions of our community, we address financial barriers that may prevent individuals from accessing essential medical services. From covering medical expenses for those in need to providing assistance with obtaining specialized equipment or prolonged stays at our facilities, we ensure that no one is left behind in their pursuit of healthcare.

District Organizations

Logo of "Soledad Community Health Care District" with stylized mountains and sun.
A logo for "Eden Valley Care Center" featuring stylized text and a windmill graphic.


A logo with mountains, sun, and text "Soledad Medical Clinic."
A logo for "Women's Health Center" with stylized elements and text.